Design Coaching for Business — Jean and Michael have developed a unique and effective model for improving business performance through supporting individuals and teams to step beyond their limitations. It invites participants into a new level of awareness of the dynamics in their business and within themselves. They are remarkable individuals who bring depth, insight and wisdom to their interactions with others.

– Terryll Bailey, The Allison Group, Seattle, USA.

Learning in Workshop = “Michael Keller and Jean Singer are a fabulous team of gifted facilitators who make learning not only fun but informative. Their easy going and encouraging ways of involvement brought a room full of strangers together quickly and comfortably so that we could learn from each other as well. I thoroughly appreciated the one-on-one time they offered and their genuine interest in hearing and seeing what everyone had to say and share. They know their stuff and share it in a way that feels tailor made to the participant. I would happily take another workshop from them.”

– Frances Litman
Master of Photographic Arts and Founder of
Frances Litman Photography Inc.


Healthy Culture in the Workplace = “Michael and Jean are masters in creating and supporting the conditions for greater capacity and real transformation. As a visual scribe, I collaborate with facilitators and change agents around the world. Michael and Jean are amongst the very best. With remarkable clarity, integrity, deep experience and extremely caring ways, every interaction with them offers valuable learning ground.

In service as consultants and facilitators, they bear the hallmarks of true experts – they assume nothing and listen deeply, they respond authentically on the spot to whatever emerges, and they ask powerful questions to engage people in making meaning and spotting connections. Working in perfect harmony, Michael and Jean lead people through a smooth process that energizes them, taps into the humor of the human experience and expands their thinking to see new possibilities and choices.”

– Lisa Arora, Victoria, BC, Canada
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Professional Development = “Michael is an excellent person to work with.  My recent experience working with Michael included organizing 2 workshops and supporting his facilitation of difficult change management session.  In all these learning activities, he is organized and responsive, thoughtful and committed, he is interested in work that has the greatest value to his client, he combines deep knowledge with excellent facilitation skills, he is fun and engaging, he is there for the long haul, and he keeps the most important topics in the foreground.  For me Michael is a pleasure to work with.

Michael’s work helped my team to work more closely together, it gave us a “language” and news ways to think about our work,  it honoured our work and the people who are part of it helping us to recognize our contributions, it helped set some foundations and provided some ways to move forward, it allowed people to be heard and for new ideas to emerge.” Read more about this Case Study

– Rhys Andrews, RPF, MA
Dean of Health and Human Services, Environment and Geomatics, and Kootenay School of the Arts
Selkirk College
Castlegar, BC, Canada


Coaching = “Michael has an incredible ability to focus in on the core patterns that are keeping us from reaching our potential. He does it in such a gentle, organic, collaborative and fun way. This creates a safety net that allows us to play and have fun with even the most difficult issues. It really is a unique and special thing to experience; one that I feel very grateful to have been a part of.”

Rudy Koch, Producer in Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Coaching = “How to describe the value that Michael adds…. The best might be an example. I found myself feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, not happy with my results, and not seeing solutions. After the first 10 min of telling Michael what was going on and owning where I was, he posed amazing questions that opened up other perspectives that were SO helpful. An hour later I was laughing and taking action towards the outcomes that are important to me. And the best part is that — from the learning that I’ve done with all of the IA participants — I can often do this myself! And when I am stuck, I have a community of learners that are supportive and often provide shortcuts as how to get “unstuck”. What a gift!!! Thank you!!”

– Sibylle Stipp, Entrepreneur, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Coaching = “Michael’s presence, coaching style and guidance were perfect for me. I suspect this is not because we were naturally a good match, rather that it is a skill that he applies to each coaching relationships. I found his skill in asking questions, sharing insights and framing conversations and experiences very revealing, empowering and beneficial. I enjoyed and appreciated from every moment of my engagement with Michael.”

– Andrew Outhwaite, Executive Officer, Pollinators Inc , Geraldton, W Australia.

Print Profile Coaching for Couples = “Michael took us on an awesome journey of exploration as a couple; seeing ourselves and each other through the lens of our Print profiles created distance and perspective on some of our individual patterns and how we “dance” with those patterns together. Whether you’ve done Print before or are new to it, you will find value in the process. We took away useful simple tools and enriching conversations – and felt more empowered to handle what life will bring …”

Vonny and Liz, Calgary, AB Canada

Building a healthy workplace culture = “I don’t think I have the words to describe how much all of the learning and tools you gifted me with has transformed my life. It has been very helpful professionally but personally it has been a game changer, not only in dealing with my family, but being able to view the whole dynamic and who they are through a totally different lens.

The big learning and lessons for me are:

  • Treating everyone with caring regard as a minimum standard
  • Differentiating, yet communicating
  • Listening for understanding
  • Understanding  that when I choose to see a person in only one way I limit myself, not them

By doing all the work, working through my resistance to the changes and checking myself every time I go to my resistance place, I can step outside my comfort zone with far greater ease and give myself the opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve found that if I’m resistant to the learning it usually ends up being a lesson I truly needed.

Still peeling the onion and finding a remarkable quiet strength residing within.”

For Michael, with much respect and gratefulness.

Karen Langford, British Columbia